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A Will is both a love letter and an effective Estate Planning instrument. It is a legal document where you list down your wishes on how your assets are to be distributed. It also specifies the persons whom you entrust with the responsibility of taking care of your assets and the proper distribution to your beneficiaries upon demise.

For parents with young children, they can also decide the best person to act as the children’s guardian in the unfortunate occasion where both parents are not around.


  • Written more than 12 000 Wills
  • Appointed Executor and Trustees for over 6000 individuals and families

A will is often preferred to be kept as a confidential plan, with no risk of tampering, only to be shared when the need arises.

We provide a peace of mind to families and companies through our Will Custody services. At a nominal fee, our clients ensure loved ones are aware of their Estate and Succession Plan only when the need arises.

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Our team of professionally-trained Estate and Succession Practitioners (ESPs) spends much time and effort to consider the differing needs of every client to holistically address their legacy concerns. We are able to provide Will-writing services for your Singapore assets as well as your worldwide assets.


In the face of cross-border transactions and ownership, many clients find themselves requiring their Wills to take into account assets located outside Singapore. These include foreign company shares, investments and properties amongst others.

It is important to understand that some jurisdictions are also subjected to forced heirship rules with the greatest impact on their immovable assets outside Singapore.

We are experienced in structuring Wills to include assets located in Australia, China, Malaysia, United Kingdom, British Virgin Islands and India, to name a few.


A comprehensive Estate and Succession Plan not only looks at wealth distribution but also a well-considered timed distribution instead of an outright gifting of a lump sum. A Testamentary Trust structure benefits clients who prefer to control how their assets are being utilised by their beneficiaries through a staggered distribution plan.

A Testamentary Trust structure will help to ensure beneficiaries achieve certain milestones/ conditions before they can inherit clients’ hard-earned wealth. Some common terms and conditions set by our clients include: Beneficiaries will receive S$X upon graduation; S$X upon 1 st legal marriage; upon the beneficiary’s 21 st birthday.

As such, a Testamentary Trust structure is often regarded as the most simplistic tool to preserve the assets and to ensure that beneficiaries will spend the inheritance wisely.

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Trust and Trustee Services

We are a licensed trust company providing Trust solutions for estate and succession planning purposes for both families and businesses. We can be appointed to act as trustee or as administrator of estate.

Corporate Services

We assist to set up a company in various territories around the world and provide exceptional company secretarial services. We have more than 1500 satisfied clients regionally and have a wide network for you to build a business ecosystem.

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