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Precepts Trustee, a Singapore Trust Company, offers a variety of highly customised Trust solutions to meet the differing family needs of our clients.

We provide Trust services through Trust Setup and Trust Administration.

Family Trust

Family harmony is at the heart of property and succession planning as it protects vulnerable beneficiaries.

Our tailored Trust solutions safeguards your assets from fraud, offering personalised protection for your hard-earned wealth.

Setting up a Family Trust not only shields against scams but also ensures financial security for your loved ones as they reach an appropriate age.

Addressing unique family needs, our specialised Trusts provide for special needs beneficiaries, offering a comprehensive solution for their long-term well-being.

Financial Assets Trust

With our Financial Assets Trusts, your assets are safeguarded for times of need. Through strategic life insurance planning, funded by life insurance policies, we structure Trusts to shield assets from potential liabilities faced by beneficiaries.

By setting up a Financial Assets Trust, you can name multiple layers of beneficiaries and ensure that assets will be used exclusively for the intended beneficiaries, protected from creditors.

Standby Trust

Standby Trusts are a popular solution for clients who do not want to put significant capital into the Trust yet and would like to establish a system that remains passive while the clients are alive and not mentally incapacitated.

It is a Trust where clients remain in complete control of the assets, including its liquidity, until the triggering event of death or mental incapacity happens.

Our Standby Trusts provide affordable yet flexible and dynamic succession planning.

Property Trust

Setting up a Property Trust is a solution for clients who want to purchase a property that will be fully paid for their beneficiary.

With the right trust structure, application of stamp duty will be assessed based on the profile of the beneficiary.

Charitable Trust

The growing affluence and economic progress bring about a new era of generosity to give back to society. Philanthropy is increasingly a part of life.

You can consider a Charitable Trust/philanthropic structure so that your chosen charity organisation(s) will continue to receive support over a long period of time or even in perpetual.

Philanthropic structures such as a foundation can also be set up. Grow your legacy through long-term charity contributions from your assets.

Private Trust Company

For clients who prefer not to transfer the ownership of assets to the Trustee (as in the case of a traditional trust).

Precepts Trustee can assist in setting up a special purpose vehicle called a Private Trust Company (PTC) where family members can be the shareholders as well as the directors to maintain direct control over trust assets.

High Net-Worth Succession Planning

We specialise in offering multiple types of bespoke Trust solutions tailored to high-net-worth succession planning.

Our meticulous structuring takes into account diverse assets, including family businesses across multiple jurisdictions. This thoughtful approach is crafted with consideration for multiple generations, recognising the evolving dynamics of a globalized citizenry.

Choose a legacy that transcends borders and generations with our high-net-worth succession planning expertise.

Appointment As Executor &
Trustee In Your Will

Clients who appoint Precepts Trustee Ltd enjoy the certainty that their intentions in the management and distribution of assets are carried out according to instructions stated in their Wills.

Appointing us can also free your loved ones from the hassle of administrative obligations during a time of distress.

Appointment As Administrator Of Estate

Beneficiaries or Executors (either with or without a Will) who face challenges of being an administrator of estate and prefer a professional to take over the duties can appoint Precepts Trustee Ltd to do so.

Our strength lies in the combined experience of our management and staff in conducting executorship and Estate Administration with integrity and utmost care.

Business Value Protection Trust (BVPT)

Clients who are business owners or are shareholders of companies can protect the value of business from disruptions through our unique Buy-Sell Trusts.

Through this structure, our clients are assured of efficient transition of business to other co-owner(s) without compromising on the value of shares.

A well-constructed plan is essential to protect the value of the business and provide cash for the loved ones in the event of a major disruption in the business such as owners’ death and mental incapacity.

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