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Global Incorporations

We assist you in setting up a company in various territories around the world, including Singapore, Marshall Islands, Seychelles, BVI, Malaysia and Cayman Islands.

Corporate Secretary

We provide exceptional company secretarial support services that function like clockwork. We ensure that your company adheres and meets all regulatory requirements with our in-depth knowledge and profound efficiency.

Immigration & Work Passes

We ensure high quality tailored service, with years of experience to ensure that our clients have the highest chance possible in successful relocation.

Nominee Services

With our expert Panel of Nominee Directors & Shareholders, we ensure your business is in safe hands.

HR, Payroll & Other Support Services

We provide a range of support services to ease the administrative burden of the company for our clients so they can focus on their priority of building the business.

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More than 3,000 satisfied clients regionally
Wide network for you to build a business ecosystem

Established and professional, part of PreceptsGroup International

Strong support for your business

Qualified Industry Experts

Strong Business Network

Always Available

Trusted & Professional

Our Top Offshore Jurisdictions

An IBC (International Business Corporation) or Offshore Company can be easily set up in a range of jurisdictions around the world. At Precepts Corporate Services, we guide you through a range of other boutique and unique countries around the world for your Company Setup.

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