Standby Trust

Choose Certainty,
Clarity & Peace of Mind

In life, we yearn to chart our course towards beautiful destinations. Our loved ones share our journey and together, we gather treasures along the way.

Yet, when life’s uncertainties loom, it hinders our ability to steer the sails and guiding our loved ones becomes a challenge.

How can we remain in control and ensure guidance to our loved ones to reach even more wonderful destinations?

Like a reliable compass, a Standby Trust follows the course you set. It acts as a vessel where assets can be entrusted, ready to be activated upon a defined event – be it the transition of life or the moment of mental incapacity.

With a Standby Trust, it continues to fulfil your objectives of steering your loved ones towards lives of purpose and fulfillment.

Benefits of a Standby Trust

Consolidation &
Management of Assets

  • Consolidate various asset classes for ease of management during and after your lifetime through nominations and a properly drafted Will.

Skip Probate

  • Usage of specific assets e.g. CPF & Life Insurance through nomination/assignment bypasses probate.
  • Saving time, reducing costs and maintaining privacy.

Flexibility & Accountability
of your Assets

  • Remain under your control during your lifetime.
  • Accountability of a professional trustee ensures continuity of your wishes over the prolonged trust period.

Maintain Assets
within the Family

  • Limit beneficiaries within the family tree to prevent outflow of assets.
  • Suspend distribution e.g. divorce or bankruptcy of beneficiary.

Preserve Family Values

  • Foster family values and unity.
  • Create charitable giving across generations.

Privacy & Asset Protection

  • Identity and net worth of beneficiaries can be kept confidential from the public’s eyes and scrutiny.
  • Share for each beneficiary can be kept confidential to reduce family conflict.

Protection of
Vulnerable Beneficiaries

  • Create a periodic distribution plan instead of large lump sums.
  • Reduce the undue influence of predatory persons.

Build Family Reserves

  • Functions as a family bank to provide resources.
  • Provides emergency funds for a rainy day or crisis.


  • Low Setup.
  • Minimal yearly fees till activation.

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