Onboarding as an Estate & Succession Practitioner (ESP) on the Precepts Platform

Expand your professional services to include Estate and Succession Planning. A business that gives you flexibility of time and income.

Increasing Need for Estate Planning

Expand your professional services to include Estate and Succession Planning. A business that gives you flexibility of time and income.

At Precepts, we offer an opportunity for dynamic individuals to come on board and provide Estate Planning service to your clients.

Come onboard as our Estate & Succession Practitioner (ESP) to value-add your clients.

Being an ESP, you will be better equipped to meet the demands of your client by going through our comprehensive training programmes which covers the legal and marketing aspects of estate planning.

Protection of their vulnerable beneficiaries

Wealth succession strategies to minimise leakages

Wealth distribution strategies to reduce family conflict

What We Offer Through The Precepts Platform Is The Option For You If You Are:

Be Our Estate & Succession Practitioner (ESP)

Estate & Succession Practitioner

Kickstart Through Our 3+2-Day Estate Planning Course

The 3+2-Day Course is a programme that equips you with:

1. Knowledge on Wills and Trusts and

2. How to make use of the Precepts Platform to provide estate planning services and solutions

Vast Untapped

Surveys have shown that most people have not started planning for what happens to their assets when they are no longer around.

Low Initial Investment,
High Returns

With an initial fee, starting your own business as a PreceptsGroup’s Estate and Succession Practitioner (ESP) is an opportunity to hone your knowledge and skills in Estate Planning. 

Extensive Training & Marketing Support Provided

You will receive comprehensive training
which covers the legal and marketing aspects of the business and support from our unique will-writing and custody system.

Extending Your

Leverage on the Precepts Platform to expand your business. The estate planning service not only enhances your repertoire of services, it will be key to cross-selling of other services and products.


We will equip you with practical and marketing-based knowledge by using estate planning solutions to enhance your professional services.

Learn how to leverage on the Precepts Platform to provide Estate Planning services and enable you to provide a total wealth planning solution to your client.

A Person Wishing To Join Us As An ESP Will Complete Part 1: 3-Day + Part 2: 2-Day Training
To Kickstart As A Precepts Estate & Succession Practitioner.

Part 2: 2-Day Onboarding Outline

Day 1
  • Structure of eWill Writing Form (eWIF)
  • Case Study + Practice eWIF
  • Onboarding Process (Administration)
  • Submission Workflow
  • Attestation Workflow
  • Will Custody Services
Day 2
  • Trust Introducer Activities
  • Product & Services in Precepts
  • Trustee
    • Standby Trust
    • ProviTrust
  • Marketing your services as an ESP
  • Utilising the Precepts Platform
  • Exam

Precepts Platform

1. Kickstart Programme through an Estate Planning Course
  • Part 1
    • Wills Training – 2 days
    • Trust Training – 1 day
  • Part 2
    • Onboarding Precepts + Exam – 2 days
2. Kickstarter Kit
  1. Precepts Name Card
  2. Training Booklets
  3. Brochures
  4. Access to our Presentation Slide Decks
  5. Access to a Library of Resources and past talks/sharing sessions
3. Exclusive Discounts
  • Discount on your own & spouse’s Will & Trust
4. Additional 3 income streams for services finalised
  • Immediate
  • Recurring
  • Deferred
5. Direct access to Precepts’ Products & Services to extend your range of services
  1. Consultation for Will writing
  2. Safe keeping of Will in a secured facility
  3. Trust Set up
  4. Professional Executor
  5. Licensed Trust Company with MAS for Trusteeship
  6. Lasting Power of Attorney Form 1 & 2
  7. Setting up of Singapore & offshore companies
6. Continuous training and support from Precepts
  1. Learn to use our online proprietary will writing system to key in the client’s instructions for drafting
  2. Attend our regular Workshops conducted by fellow Practitioners
  3. Attend our Essential Sharing Sessions throughout the year on relevant Estate Planning Topics
  4. Invite your clients to our Monthly Estate Planning Talk
  5. Re-attend our Estate Planning Course as a refresher

*These are provided mostly on a complimentary and sign-up basis.

Course Dates

Part 2: 2 days course: Onboarding Precepts as a Practitioner


  • Understand Precepts products, processes & pricing
  • Extend your services to include Estate Planning solutions

Time & Location:

  • 9 am to 5pm
  • Precepts Office #06-17 International Plaza
Course Dates
Apr 2024
25, 26 (Thu, Fri)
May 2024
23, 24 (Thu, Fri)
Jun 2024
19, 20 (Wed, Thu)
Jul 2024
24, 25 (Wed, Thu)
Aug 2024
22, 23 (Thu, Fri)
Sep 2024
25, 26 (Wed, Thu)
Oct 2024
23, 24 (Wed, Thu)
Nov 2024
27, 28 (Wed, Thu)
Dec 2024
18, 19 (Wed, Thu)



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