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About Precepts Trustee

Partnering you in your Estate Planning Journey

Established in 2008, Precepts Trustee Limited (previously known as Rockwills Trustee Limited) is a licensed Trust Company, supervised by MAS and bound by the Trust Companies Act.

We are an independent Singapore company offering Trust services.

Together with the other companies in PreceptsGroup, we provide end-to-end estate planning solutions including Wills and Corporate Services.

Our unique approach to value-add our clients

Trust structuring is highly bespoke and having a well-constructed plan is essential for succession strategy.

We provide Trust services through:

Executorship for Wills

If you are seeking an extra layer of assurance, you have the option to appoint us as your main or substitute Executor and Trustee.

Estate Administration Services

Involves a lengthy and intricate process of collating the assets and liabilities, in preparation for a court process before distribution.

Setting up Trusts

We provide a wide range of Trusts to meet different objectives and needs.
  1. Personal Needs
  2. Family Needs
  3. Business Needs


The lifespan of a Trust typically lasts for a prolonged period, we can act as your Trustee, providing perpetuity and neutrality.

Trust Administration Services

We provide accountability to the inflows and outflows of your Trust assets periodically.

Escrow & Custodial Arrangement

We provide escrow services to hold monies and deposits in corporate transactions.

We serve the following market segments:

Our Corporate Goverance

Internal & External parties for audit checks.

Stringent Control Checks

Ensuring your Trust funds are always protected.


Verification of Payments by Trust Officers

4 Levels of Approval

1. Trust / Estate 
2. Senior Management
3. Compliance 
4. Clients’ Account 

Joint Dual-Signatories

Comprises Senior Management and Directors

Segregation of Trust Funds

Separate Bank Accounts for Company Operational Accounts & Clients’ Trusts Accounts

Routine Checks

Monthly review of Clients’ Accounts and Movements of Assets


1. Internal Audit
2. External Audit
3. MAS Inspections

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