Secured Communication Portal Built for Professional Interactions

Secured Communications Portal Built for Professional Interactions

The modern-day law practice’s need to improve productivity is an ever-challenging issue. While the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption across industries, the quick adoption of technological solutions often require time to review new work processes. As lawyers are trusted advisors for their clients and often hold confidential personal data, more attention should be paid to how information and data are shared especially when it comes to client information. The issues are further exacerbated by the loss of information with any departure of partner lawyers or staff. Steps ought to be taken to ensure that there is the retention and retrievability of such professional communications and instructions.

As in the case of any adoption of digital platforms for professionals, of utmost concern is data privacy and ease of use by stakeholders. Not only do law firms have to be assured of data and information going to only intended recipients, there should also be permanence of information for integrity and accountability.

Are your communication platforms secured enough for managing personal or confidential information? Are pieces of information dispersed or cluttered across various platforms?

The Bondle Solution 

Bondle, an enterprise-level secured communication application, yet highly affordable, can address many modern-day workplace problems faced by professional consultancy and law firms.

All interactions through Bondle, which may not be the case of other messaging apps, are secured through dual-encryption and the documents shared can be organised within the conversation in folders or subfolders.

Several years of communication with external partners, clients, service providers or even internal discussions might mean losing sight of important details from the not-so-immediate past. Documents too might have been lost in transition. When a communication is made through Bondle or through its email bridge, the permanence of information and sensitive privileged communication provides certainty when it is eventually required. Archival messaging trail is complete with its attachments. Official communication can still be in the traditional long-form emails and copying in the Bondle-generated email address would allow it to be captured within Bondle for auditability. Searching for information can be time-consuming and any downtime can be critical. Some benefits are highlighted below:

Secured and Data Protection – With information stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), there are also multiple layers of security at the application and infrastructure level. The Bondle app is hosted in state-of-the-art data centers with innovative architectural and engineering approaches to achieve fault tolerance, uptime, and their security claims.

Business Continuity – The permanence of information provides a reliable pillar of truth despite staff transitions, migration of IT systems and even change of mobile numbers. With outgoing staff or lawyers, the handover of information can be seamless. Bondle retains the archival history regardless of staff attrition or new hiring.

Documents and Discussions are Kept Organized – When communication threads and documents are centralized into a single space on Bondle, there will be asset rich interactions to foster collaborations where you can annotate the document or have a communication thread for the document. All documents exchanged are organized in folders within each conversation.

Quick Retrieval of Data – Have access to historical information around the clock. Get to a document or important information in just seconds. Full audit trail is also available at your fingertips with no downtime which can be costly. With downloadable audit trail, you can have full visibility of what had transpired.

Easy and Quick Implementation – With creation of conversations, interactions can start immediately. The onboarding process can be easily implemented and organized more seamlessly than the traditional exchange of emails with multi-parties.

White-Labelling – The white-labelling capability and website landing page integration allows Bondle to become your firm’s communication portal, with your logo clearly visible.

Communication Portal – When law firms and professional consultancies are working with intermediaries when there are recurring relationships, the Bondle system will be particularly useful such as in the case of litigation or conveyancing practice or corporate secretarial work. Law firms can use Bondle as an internal collaboration system within the office or applied for a wider purpose of clients’ engagement with a single audit trail far better than relying on WhatsApp or text messages that could be lost in transit or cluttered in other media forms. Bondle can serve as a secured client communication portal that is intuitive to use.

In-built productivity tools – E-Signature for acknowledgment and agreement such as ad-hoc fee agreements can be easily carried out within Bondle. With annotations, participants can add a ‘Stamp’ or text to the file. Conversations can be grouped and tagged to provide an organised way of working on projects and documents.

In summary, Bondle is a communication tool to enhance business productivity while complementing other existing IT or practice management systems in a law firm. There is also an added advantage of ensuring that information goes only to the intended recipient and no one else.

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