Choosing the Right Trust Company in Singapore

Two people in a brightly lit office space stand next to a conference table, looking at a tablet and holding documents. Their focused conversation highlights the importance of choosing the right trust company for their business in Singapore.

With the growing number of trust companies in the industry, finding the right one can be challenging. Trust planning is more than just a business deal; trust, understanding, and shared goals are essential.

This article provides valuable insights and guidance on choosing a trust company that aligns with your financial objectives. Whether you are new to the concept of trust or want to enhance your existing knowledge, read on to find out more.

What are Trust Companies?

Trust companies in Singapore play a crucial role in facilitating estate planning, wealth management and asset protection. These firms act as trustees, helping to safeguard financial legacies and managing trusts on behalf of individuals, families and businesses.

A trust, in its simplest form, is a legal agreement where one party (the settlor) transfers assets to another party (the trustee) to manage and benefit a third party (the beneficiary). Trust companies, therefore, act as the trustee in this arrangement. They are entrusted with the assets and are legally obligated to manage them according to the terms specified by the settlor.

At its core, a trust company is a specialised financial institution responsible for managing trusts, fiduciary duties, and estate assets for individuals, families, or corporations. They connect the present and future, ensuring that one’s financial wishes and legacies are seamlessly carried out, even beyond their lifetime.

Here’s an overview of the role of trust companies in Singapore and why choosing an independent
trust company can be advantageous.

Key roles and responsibilities of Trust companies in Singapore

1. Trust Administration

– Overseeing the day-to-day administration of trusts, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
– Managing trust assets, investments, and disbursements in accordance with the trust agreement and applicable laws.

2. Fiduciary Duties

– Acting as a fiduciary, the trust company must always prioritise the best interests of the trust and its beneficiaries.
– Executing decisions with prudence, loyalty, and in accordance with the terms of the trust.

3. Asset Management

– Trust companies oversee the assets they’re entrusted with. This involves making investment decisions, handling real estate or business interests.
– Managing tangible assets like art or jewelry on behalf of the settlor.

4. Legal Compliance

– Staying updated on relevant laws and regulations governing trusts in the jurisdiction(s) where they operate.
– Ensuring all trust activities adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.

5. Risk Management

– Implementing risk management strategies to protect the trust assets from market fluctuations, legal challenges, and other potential risks.
– Developing contingency plans to address unforeseen circumstances that may impact the trust.

6. Financial Reporting

– Providing accurate and timely financial reports to the trust’s settlor and beneficiaries, detailing the status of the trust’s assets and performance.
– Maintaining transparent and comprehensive records of all trust transactions.

7. Investment Management

– Developing and implementing investment strategies aligned with the trust’s objectives and risk tolerance.
– Monitoring and adjusting investment portfolios to optimize performance and mitigate risks.

8. Estate Planning

– Collaborating with legal and financial advisors to assist clients in developing comprehensive estate plans.
– Facilitating the transfer of assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the settlor’s wishes.

9. Client Communication

– Establishing and maintaining clear and open communication with settlors, beneficiaries, and other relevant parties.
– Addressing client inquiries, concerns, and providing regular updates on the status of the trust.

Three people in business attire are discussing something around a table with documents. One man and one woman are standing while facing another woman who has her back to the camera, perhaps choosing the best trust company for their new client in Singapore.

What are the Distinct advantages of Independent Trust Companies?

These are stand-alone entities that specialise exclusively in trust services. They typically offer the following pointers:

1. Specialised Expertise

Independent trust companies are often specialists in the field of trust and estate planning. Their focus on these services means they can provide a more tailored approach to your specific needs, catering to specific niches or demographics, or particular types of trusts.

2. Personalised Approach

Clients often find that they have direct access to decision makers and can receive more individualised attention compared to other larger institutions.

3. Objective Advice

Independent trust companies are not tied to specific financial institutions. This independence allows them to offer objective advice and select the best solutions form the market that align with the client’s goals.

4. Cost Efficiency

Independent trust companies may offer more competitive fee structures compared to larger financial institutions. Their focused service offerings and lower overheads can translate into cost savings for clients.

Who is PreceptsGroup and why should I consider PreceptsGroup?

Established in 2008, Precepts Trustee Limited is a licensed Trust Company, supervised by the Monetary Association of Singapore (MAS) and bound by the Trust Companies Act.

We are an independent Singapore company offering Trust services. Ranging from the trust setup to appointment as a corporate Executor/Trustee to trust administration.

Together with the other companies in PreceptsGroup, we provide end-to-end estate planning solutions including Wills, and Corporate Services.

The Takeaway

Choosing the right trust company is a critical decision that demands extensive research and careful consideration. Your long-term interests should always be at the forefront. As you deliberate, remember that the right partnership can greatly influence your financial peace of mind, ensuring your assets are managed and distributed as you intend.

For those serious about safeguarding their legacy, we recommend seeking expert guidance. At PreceptsGroup, we pride ourselves on our depth of expertise and dedication to our clients. Entrust your future with a team that understands the intricacies of wealth management, and prioritises your legacy as much as you do.

Reach out to Precepts Group today and embark on a journey of secured, thoughtful planning.

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