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 Leave a legacy and support the communities in need

For those thinking of leaving a legacy after their time on earth has passed, Legacy Giving by Community Chest is a practical way to create a lasting impact without compromising your current way of life.

The approach caters to everyone regardless of financial stature, who wishes to leave a legacy by creating a sustainable, enduring, and positive impact on the community.

Quote with decorative elements around it reads, "No one goes on, but what we leave behind keeps us alive for someone else," reminiscent of the spirit of a Community Chest.

Why choose Community Chest for Legacy Giving?

As social service needs continue to evolve, the need to fortify the sector’s capabilities for addressing future challenges has never been more crucial. With an unwavering legacy of over 40 years, Community Chest serves as a trusted gateway, directing resources to where they are needed most and making an indelible impact.

• Measurable Outcomes: We track programme outcomes to ensure that service users’ needs are met.

• Deep Understanding of Landscape: We have access to
data on sector trends, needs and gaps based on evidence-based research and analysis.

• Ensuring Sustainability: 100% of contributions are
channelled to over 200 critical social service programmes supporting over 93,000 service users each year. Your legacy donation will provide stable funding for initiatives to meet current and future challenges.

• Efficient and impactful Fund Allocation: Funds
allocated are based on criteria guided by the need to fill service gaps, sustain existing critical services, and support innovative services.

Who Will My Gift Support?

100% of your contributions goes towards empowering the lives of: 

• Children with special needs and youth-at-risk

• Adults with disabilities

• Persons with mental health conditions

• Families in need of assistance

• Seniors in need of support

Your legacy gift will go to supporting over 200 critical service programmes, empowering service users like Lucas.
A young child with short hair is looking down and smiling slightly, evoking a sense of warmth reminiscent of the Community Chest card in a classic board game. The background is light blue and has a rough, painted edge effect.

Lucas Ong
Client of Chaoyang School
(Agency supported by Community Chest)

Meet Lucas, an avid dancer and student at APSN Chaoyang School which provides special education, vocational training and employment services for individuals with mild intellectual disability. 

Diagnosed with mild intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder from age 2, Lucas has since picked up emotional management and communication skills as well as some nifty dance moves through the Autism Spectrum Programme at APSN Chaoyang. With the support of his family, teachers, and therapists, Lucas has developed into a helpful, friendly, and respectful boy.


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