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PreceptsGroup Succession And Trusts In Wealth Management (4th Edition) by Chiwi Lee

Everything you need to know about estate planning is in this book!

With the topic of estate planning trending now, the 4th edition of Precepts Group Succession and Trusts in Wealth Management is the perfect gift for this Christmas season!

Authored by the CEO of PreceptsGroup International, Chiwi Lee, this book fills a niche by compiling the various aspects and the planning considerations of estate planning and succession issues in wealth management. You will find the best estate planning solutions in this book with new material on digital assets, variable capital companies and family offices!


(Usual Price: $53.50)

Leaving a Legacy of Love_Eugene Soo

This book puts together all that you need to know for Estate Planning. No technical jargons. No mind-boggling legal terminologies. No complex language for English professors. No need for confusions or concussions.

With real-life case studies and highlighting of potential blind-spots. With the latest laws and regulations summarised and simplified. This book is for every man and woman on the street.


Estate Planning and You_Lim Jui Seck

The author Lim Jui Seck’s sharing in this book, from his experience of more than 15 years in Estate Planning services, is aimed at raising public awareness on topics related to Estate Planning.

Although tools and documents for Estate Planning are legalistic and law compliant in order to be valid and effective, the author has presented the topics in layman context, making this book readable, easy to understand and assimilate. Throughout the 10 chapters, he peppers many actual examples that reads can easily relate to.



产业规划的概念是全世界所公认的。但是,人们对于这项极为重要的事情,却普遍缺乏理解和认识。而所需的产业规划服务也是严重缺乏,尤其是在新加坡。作者在本书中的分享,是基于他在产业规划服务领域超过 15 年的经验,目的是为了提高公众对与产业规划相关课题的认识。


The Future of Real Estate

Is this the correct time to invest in property?

The global pandemic has delayed many real estate plans while accelerating the adoption of many new technologies. In turn, these technologies will disrupt the real estate industry, causing some to become irrelevant and useless while others are compelled to make changes. Combined with the increasing numbers of ageing baby boomers, what is Singapore’s future going to look like? What plans should we make for our properties?

Market commentator and respected real-estate expert Ku Swee Yong weighs in on some of these questions and shares his insights on the opportunities for investors.



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Get all 3 books at a special price!

PreceptsGroup Succession and Trusts in Wealth Management_Lee Chiwi
Estate Planning and You_Lim Jui Seck
Leaving a Legacy of Love_Eugene Soo

$108   $86.40

Get all 4 books at a special price!

PreceptsGroup Succession and Trusts in Wealth Management_Lee Chiwi
Estate Planning and You_Lim Jui Seck
Leaving a Legacy of Love_Eugene Soo
The Future of Real Estate

$131.76   $105.40

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