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Guardianship in a Will
When a parent has any minor children aged under 21, one of the priorities when writing a Will would be to make a provision for a trusted friend or family member...
Appointing the Executor and Trustee
The spouse, children or immediate family members are often the logical choice for the appointment as executors and trustees.
Legal Requirements for Valid Wills
There are some basic legal requirements for a will to be valid under the Wills Act (Cap 352).
Challenges faced by Executor and Trustee
“I did not receive one nickel of the money and yet my reputation was tarnished!”
The Need for Business Succession Plans
While the concept of having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has been around for quite a while
The 6 Great Misconceptions of Trust
When the word “trust” is mentioned, it is likely that this term will go over the heads of majority of Singaporeans.
Demystifying the Concept of Offshore Companies
This article highlights the key benefits and common misperceptions of offshore companies.
Helping Families through our Estate Administration Work
Over the years, we have helped many families in administrating their family members’ estates. In some cases, the estate administration was extremely chall
Estate Case Sample: Estate of MMK
In one of the more prominent cases we’ve had in recent years, the Estate of MMK case ended after a long-drawn-out 4 years of legal proceedings.
The Role of Executors and Trustee (Part Two)
One of the most common issues for the individual executor or trustee is the failure to identify,
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