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our educational services

Precepts Academy (previously known as Rockwills Institute) is the body that champions literacy in estate and succession planning as a professional practice throughout Asia via training, seminars, conferences and exchange of ideas. It has established a strong reputation in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia while spreading its presence in Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Taiwan.

Precepts Academy has been appointed by Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL) to conduct various industry-development programmes focused on persons and organisations that wish to qualify as estate planners within their professional practice in Asia, advising families and businesses.

our educational services

The core programmes in Singapore are accredited under The Institute of Banking & Finance (IBF), an industry endorsed mark of quality for finance professionals in Singapore. This accreditation is testament of Precepts Academy’s quality in equipping financial intermediaries and practitioners with competencies needed for their jobs to provide holistic financial planning to their clients.

AEPP ® Certificate

The Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP ® ) designation certification programme is a 2-day marketing-based course for professional financial advisers to enable them to offer estate and succession planning advice to enhance their core services. Since 2009, this programme addresses the growing needs of the mass affluent for a comprehensive discussion on estate and succession planning in Asia. It has to date benefited more than 4000 practitioners in Asia within the banking and financial planning industry as they are now equipped with knowledge of another topic that expands their advisory scope.

Upon completion and passing of an examination, participants will be able to add the AEPP ® designation to their professional qualification title/ credentials. The accreditation of The Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP ® ) is awarded by the Society of Will Writers of the United Kingdom and the Estate Planning Practitioners Limited (EPPL).

AEPP ® Certificate

In Singapore, participants of the AEPP ® programme can tap on the Financial Training Scheme (FTS), known as IBF-FTS funding to subsidise their training fee and also clock in their mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours.

  receiving high-value practical knowledge that can be applied to their current practice immediately and stay ahead of their competitors.

  gaining access to the expertise of practitioners of estate planning who are able to relate real-life case studies and their applications.

  having the ability to apply the practical concepts taught in this programme.

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Succession and Trusts in Wealth Management
“The conditions are therefore ripe to address the succession of wealth as globally, many of the HNWI and mass affluent segments are from the baby boomer generation, now in their 50s and beyond. Commentators often say that we are now experiencing the age of the greatest transfer of wealth! This generation will see the largest transfer of money in the history of the world. The Asia-Pacific region now leads the world with the largest amount of HNWI wealth. According to the Asia-Pacific Wealth Report 2016, publishes by Capgemini, Asia-Pacific HNWI in Asia-Pacific population grew by 9.4 percent to pass 5 million individuals.

Wealth Management in Singapore is expected to feature strongly in the next few years. If Singapore continues to be perceived as a stable and well-regulated financial centre, it should be an attractive jurisdiction for wealth management. Along with it, financial services including trusts and other fiduciary services will grow in tandem.”

This book, now in its Third Edition, gives a comprehensive coverage of the various aspects concerning estate planning, wills, trusts and succession in wealth management. It is written for financial services professionals and estate planners to help plan in matters such as structuring of a suitable vehicle for their clients to hold investments and other assets.